Best in Class. Map Room is known for service excellence, innovation, professionalism and passion. We are motivated to deliver the highest service standards through utilisation of a continuous assessment methodology against client satisfaction at all project milestones.

People and Performance. The environment is fast paced and rewarding and our consultants are incredibly driven, resolute and committed. Our team goes to extraordinary lengths to achieve our clients’ success, and teams are motivated to help our clients outperform their competition. We want everyone to excel and we attract and develop individuals who share our values, high standards and aspirations.

Values and Responsibilities. Our shared purpose is encapsulated within our core values. Map Room has a firm commitment to ethical business conduct and corporate social responsibility, furthermore acting as an agent of change through our ‘strength in diversity’ and ‘developing business leaders’ policies.

Progressive Culture. At Map Room we believe our people should be central to the development of the business. As a team-oriented meritocracy we offer a partnership model for progression, a framework for Learning and Development, and a collegiate working environment.