Map Method. Our evolutionary methodology has been designed to energise our industry. Our recruitment, selection and evaluation methodology is rigorous, innovative and tailored to each client. When combined with dynamic precision delivery to meet tight timescales and budgets we offer unrivalled success rates when compared to traditional recruitment practices.

Leadership. Map Room understands that strong businesses continually evolve. We focus our attention on working with clients to achieve the long term strategic agenda and we judge our success accordingly. Understanding long term business and cultural objectives and the need to adapt to future challenges enable Map Room to identify a new generation of business leaders.

Integrated Resourcing. By integrating the Map Method with our client’s plans and procedures Map Room have achieved considerable time and cost benefits. Understanding longer term market trends, business objectives, growth plans and talent acquisition strategies have enabled early talent identification, engagement and pre-qualification leading to rapid mobilisation of multi-dimensional and multi-functional teams.

Project Recruitment. Map Room delivers teams of Associates to achieve defined benefits on a project or consultancy basis. From project assessment, strategy and integrated resource planning to project mobilisation, implementation and delivery of specialist resource; our objective is to achieve the defined benefits on time and budget whilst effecting knowledge transfer into the existing teams.

Delivery. We understand the importance of speed and precision to grow and transform your business. Our knowledge and networks provide our clients with access to readily available global talent pools. Rapid deployment of Interim Managers within 24 hours or Benchmark candidates provided on permanent assignments are two examples resulting in significant time and cost savings.

Assessment Framework. Map Room Competency Framework and Capability Mapping tools provide rigorous assessment and assurance when compared to traditional recruitment practice. Incorporating client-specific competencies the Assessment Framework forms the start point to assess a candidate’s suitability against positions assigned to Map Room.

Profiling. A structured Profile Report helps busy executives quickly access detailed assessment and performance criteria and provides analysis of all relevant candidates presented on each shortlist.

Digital. We use innovative digital and communication technology to shape our clients future and our industry. Map Room employs digital technology to enhance three dimensional profiling of clients, candidates and associates. By empowering our contacts with information tools unavailable through traditional practices we enable them to compete more effectively.

Map Communication. Our business philosophy is based on completely open and transparent communication. Map Room is adept at managing communication with multiple stakeholders across diverse functions including HR, Procurement, Change and Line Management.