As a consulting and recruitment firm we are committed to ensuring our relationships with our clients, candidates, associates, colleagues, and suppliers are constructive and transformational. Our professional conduct, ethics, and values extend to a duty of care and collective responsibility to lead the way in promoting diversity, creating personal wellbeing, developing our employees and protecting the environment. We believe these actions make good business sense, empower our workforce and support global communities.

Promoting Diversity

Map Room believes that successful organisations are diverse. We actively promote diversity of experience, qualification, age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, religion, political beliefs, thought and purpose.

To meet diversity strategies, Map Room monitor candidates submitted against all assignments and proactively identify candidates to help our clients achieve their diversity policies. Our diversity policy engenders everyone in our team to respect diversity in all its forms and act accordingly in a professional and personal capacity.

Personal Welfare

Map Room is committed to safeguarding the Wellbeing, Health & Safety of our employees, associates, colleagues, candidates and visitors. These are engendered and documented within our health & safety, wellbeing and prevention of infectious diseases policies.

Colleagues are supported and encouraged in their wellbeing through gym membership and cycle to work schemes.

Talent Development

Map Room is committed to helping each employee reach their full potential. We have a partnership model for progression giving all consultants the opportunity to achieve partnership based on merit and ethics.

All team members are given regular appraisals to provide a structure for formal feedback, development, promotion and reward. Map Room is committed to promoting internally wherever possible. Each employee also has a learning and development plan and opportunities to attend internal and external training courses.

Community Action

Map Room believes in positive community action to improve the lives of those disadvantaged.

Employees are given the option to spend one day per year contributing to a charitable cause, or be part of the team charity day. All proceeds from the charity day go to a charity selected alternately by each employee. We give a percentage of our profits to charity every year. Each year we donate to charity rather than sending Christmas Cards.

Environmental Consideration

As a recruitment business Map Room recognize our environmental impact will always be limited. However we are committed to recycling, reducing carbon emissions by turning off lighting and computing terminals, and promoting cycling and using public transport where possible.